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We want you to have a great start with MEVVO, and have an amazing experience from the very beginning. As with any relationship, the key to success is clear communication. When you sign up as a customer, we will do our best to understand your vision, learn your branding, and goals, as quickly as possible.

After working with many customers and projects, we see the best results in the quickest times when customers submit clear directions to their vision. By adding links, files, and examples. It helps our team understand your thoughts and what you are looking for.

After all, we are humans and not robots, and art and design are subjective.

Sharing your vision, and giving clear directions, is especially important when you are a new customer. As our relationship builds, and after a few projects, our team will better understand your needs, and deliver designs faster and smoother each time.

By having a streamlined process, and a team in place for internal quality control, we have a great system to minimize time-wasting back and forth revisions as much as possible. But an important key to getting projects completed faster is simply being more detailed.

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