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The details we need from you for all requests
The details we need from you for all requests
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The information below is a template you should use when requesting a design. It has the information we typically need for us to be able to design for your request(s).

1. Name of the request

This is the task name, and it's useful if it's descriptive. Examples:

  • Black Friday Design For Instagram Stories

  • 30-Day Challenge Tracking Card For Print

  • Carousel Ad For Facebook

2. What sort of design do you need?

Let us know what you want. Do you need a social media post, flyer for print, Facebook banner ad, ebook, logo, or website hero image? Feel free to share what you need it for as well so that we can understand the context.

3. Is there a specific size the design needs to be in?

If you have very particular file sizes, specify the dimensions and the units. If you don't and are asking for something like a flyer, a business card, or a Facebook ad image, our design team will use standard sizes.

4. What's your target audience?

Should it appeal to males, females, or both? Families? To people over 50 years of age? Or between 18 and 30? We need to know so we can find the best images and design styles.

5. Are there any specific files, images, fonts, or design elements that we need to use?

If you need us to use specific design elements, please provide them in your request. Upload them as attachments to the task, or add URL links. If you don't submit any files, we will follow the brand style and use stock images and design elements we think will fit with your request and the brand.

6. What text needs to go on your design?

We're focused on design but not copywriting. If there is text needed on a design, we need to know exactly what text you want to be displayed.

7. References/inspiration?

If you have reference material, inspiration, or designs you like, that may be helpful to the MEVVO team, share them as URL links or upload them as attachments. The more, the merrier. If you're a new customer, details like this are very helpful for our team so we can understand your vision.

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