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Design projects with MEVVO have a simple 3-step formula:

  1. Submit your requests
    Add a request for a design you need. We'll assign it to a designer, and put it in progress.

  2. Review the work
    Check the first drafts and let us know your thoughts. Give us the thumbs up or ask for as many revisions as you need.

  3. Download your files
    We'll give you all the files. For web, social media, print, and different size-formats.

Anytime you need a new design, log in to your account and add a request. Once you do, we'll assign the project to a designer who will then get to work. Add as many requests as you want to your queue. We'll work down the list focusing on one at a time (depending on how many subscriptions you have).

Your designer will update you when the designs are ready and will be happy to make any revisions. You get your own Google Drive directory where we store all final files. So you can always go back and find completed projects and download the files you need.

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